3 Strain Maeng Da Package

3 Strain Maeng Da Package

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TKC brings you our premium powder. You no longer need to head over to your local smoke shop to purchase your Speciosa. Our 3 strain package comes with 3oz of Green Indo powder, 3oz of Red Bali powder, and 3oz of White Horn powder.

Try out all three of our premium strains for a discounted price! TKC has taken years of sampling different Indonesian farms to source the highest quality product. Although sometimes inconvenient, we refuse to order from a farm that has not been thoroughly vetted. We have taken the time to hand select the best strains for each type, Green, White, and Red. This combination will allow our customers to take at any time of the day for a high variety of purposes.

The beauty of powder is you feel the effects quickly as there is no capsule to dissolve.  Powder is typically for more experienced users. Try mixing your it with potentiators such as lemon juice!

Maeng Da:

The Maeng Da strain has been said to be the most effective in helping with energy and endurance. A fantastic strain to use in the morning, TKC's Maeng Da may do the job of keeping you alert through those tiring work days. 

Red Vein Powder:

Most commonly used for its relaxation and healing properties. Our premium Red Maeng Da powder is an excellent choice during those late hours to take a load off and rest your mind.

White Vein Powder:

We recommend to use our White Maeng Da powder during the early hours of the day. Many have reported White Maeng Da to help provide an energy boost or an increase in focus / motivation. Perfect to prepare for those tedious tasks throughout the day.

Green Vein powder:

Our Green Maeng Da provides users with the perfect balance. Green strains have been said to provide energy, enhance mood, and provide relief. Users have also reported an increase in motivation and focus levels as well. Falling somewhere between the White and Red vein, Green Maeng Da is a great choice for a first time user.